Striveworks Among Hottest Machine Learning Startups

CRN recognizes Striveworks as one of 2022's hottest data science and machine learning startups.

Chariot MLOps Platform Login Screen-1-1

Organizations are seeking ways to view their data as a means to decisions in ever increasing numbers. CRN views Striveworks' flagship MLOps platform, Chariot, as a way organizations can operationalize data science and alleviate the burdens of creating and producing AI/machine learning solutions.

Traditional MLOps solutions challenge users to either stitch together tools or write volumes of code to do core tasks. In contrast, Chariot instantiates the data analytic process as code, to make data science best practices the path of least resistance, improving quality and speed. The ability to make better models, faster makes it one of the hottest new platform in the machine learning space. 

Chariot is a vertically integrated MLOps platform built to enable decision-making teams create better models, faster. Its low-code/no-code environment supports all phases of analytics creations: developing, deploying, and monitoring models.

The platform is a space where team members from across the organization (AI producers, AI consumers and executives) can come together to collaborate. Chariot's patent-pending data lineage makes doing good data science the path of least resistance.