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    Valor evaluation service screenshot with product lead Eric Korman headshot

    Eric Korman Explains Valor and Its Step Change for Model Evaluation

    Eric Korman is the Chief Science Officer at Striveworks. He leads our Research and Development Team, which recently released Valor—our...
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    Two people on an escalator with their reflections, bounding boxes around them.

    Understanding Performance Bias With the Valor Model Evaluation Service

    Machine learning benchmarks like ImageNet, COCO, and LLM Leaderboard usually target a single metric, such as accuracy for classification tasks or...
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    Striveworks logo

    Striveworks Introduces Valor, the Open-Source Tool to Evaluate Models

    Striveworks, a leading machine learning operations firm, has launched Valor, a state-of-the-art, open-source tool that revolutionizes model...
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